Tyrannotitan is a genus of Carcharodontosaurid. It had a size range from 40 to 46 feet long, and was 20 feet high.  Tyrannotitan was discovered in 2005. It had razor sharp teeth and a powerful bite with spikes from head to tail. It can run very fast, though it is unclear how fast it ran. Males are bigger than females. They were one of the biggest carnivores to roam the earth. It roamed in the middle Cretaceous, in the woodlands of South America. It was quite agile and meant for hunting, not scavaging. It was equiped with stong legs which made it an extremely powerful predator to face. It is likely to be one of the most powerful carnivorous dinosaurs known.

It is a very rare dinosaur to find, few have been found. They may of hunted big dinosaurs by working together, which is a trait thought to be found in many large therepods. This shows a high amount of intelligence to pull this off, so this shows that predatory dinosaurs were cleverer than most people imagine.

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