A Life restoration for Siats Meekerormum.

Siats meekerorum is an extinct genus of theropod known from the Cedar mountain formation in Utah about 94.6 mya in the late Creataceous. Siats was discovered by Linsay E. Zanno and Peter J. Mackovicky in 2013. The name "Siats" derived from a man-eating monster in Ute mythology. Siats is known from only one holotype FMNH PR 2716. Siats is thought to have been a deadly killer and an apex predator with an estimated length of about 11.9 metres (39ft). this made siats one of the absolute largest predator in the area. Siats was once speculativley thought to have been in the group Megaraptora but is now known to be related to the neovenatorid allosaurs.

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