Rhabdodon (meaning "fluted tooth") is a genus of dinosaur that lived in Europe approximately 70 million years ago in the Late Cretaceous. It is unclear whether it was an iguanodont or a hypsilophodont , and may be a "missing link " between the two. Current evidence indicates it is an iguanodont similar to Tenontosaurus. Rhabdodon priscus is the type species; another species, described in 1991, is R. septimanicus (Buffetaut and Le Loeuff), but these may be the same animal. Rhabdodon lived in Spain,France and Romania  . Remains of a very similar dinosaur (femur and limb bone fragments) are also known from the Czech Republic. Rhabdodon was a very small dinosaur it was the sized of a deer it was smaller than its relatives, possibly due to the insular environment that existed in Europe during the Cretaceous period. Some scientist believed it was the deer of the dinosaurs since its almost the the same sizes.

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