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Rajasaurus (meaning "Prince", or "Princely lizard) was an abelisaur that lived in India during the late Cretaceous. It was closely related to Majungasaurus, which was also an abelisaur. It had an unusual head crest and is described as a carnotaurine abelisaur (which also includes Carnotaurus) because of the configuration on its nasal bones and the growth on its frontal bone. It is distinguished from other abelisaurs by its single nose horn.

Fact file

  • Length = 7.6 - 9 metres (24.9 - 29.5 feet)
  • Height = 2.4 metres (7.9 feet)
  • Weight = 3 - 4 tons
  • Diet = Carnivore


Like other large carnivores, Rajasaurus would eat any type of herbivore or small carnivore it would come across, it would also scavenge from animals that were already dead.

Popular Culture

Rajasaurus appeared in an episode of Dinosaur King.Rajasaurus appeared in the video game Fossil Fighters Champions.