Primitive Sauropods are the group of Sauropods or giant, long-necked, four-legged sauropodmorphs.  The following genera are sauropods but not members of either the whip-tailed Diplodocoids or the big-nosed Macronarians.

Time Period

They lived from the late Triassic to the late Cretaceous.

Common Members

Common members include Aepisaurus, Algoasaurus, Amygdalodon, Antetonitrus, Archaeodontosaurus, Asiatosaurus, Barapasaurus, Blikanasaurus, Campylodoniscus, Cardiodon, Cetiosaurus, Chebsaurus, Chinshakiangosaurus, Chuanjiesaurus, Datousaurus, Euhelopus, Ferganasaurus, Galveosaurus, Gongxianosaurus, Hudiesaurus, Isanosaurus, Jiutaisaurus, Klamelisaurus, Kotasaurus, Lourinhasaurus, Mamenchisaurus, Ohmdenosaurus, Omeisaurus, Patagosaurus, Protognathosaurus, Pukyongosaurus, Qinlingosaurus, Rhoetosaurus, Shunosaurus, Tazoudasaurus, Tehuelchesaurus, Tendaguria, Tienshanosaurus, Volkaheirmeria, Vulcanodon, Yuanmosaurus, Zigongosaurus, and Zihongasaurus.

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