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King Kong (disambiguation) From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia {| class="metadata mbox-small plainlinks" style="border-bottom: #aaa 1px solid; border-left: #aaa 1px solid; background-color: #f9f9f9; border-top: #aaa 1px solid; border-right: #aaa 1px solid" | class="mbox-image"| |} King Kong is a fictional giant ape from Skull Island, who has appeared in several works since 1933.

King Kong may also refer to:

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[[[King Kong (disambiguation)|edit]]] Sports

  • The nickname of Ghanaian boxer Joseph Agbeko
  • King Kong Bundy (born 1957), ring name of Chris Pallies, professional wrestler
  • King Kong Brody, ring name of Frank Goodish (1946–1988), professional wrestler, also known as Bruiser Brody
  • King Kong (Emile Czaja), ring name of Emile Czaja, professional wrestler
  • King Kong Mosca, ring name of Angelo Mosca, professional wrestler and former CFL football player
  • King Kong, ring name of Scott Thompson, professional wrestler
  • King Kong, a move used in the sport Parkour
  • King Kong Kirk, Malcom Kirk, Former English professional wrestler
  • Kim Clijsters (born 1983), Belgian tennis player sometimes known as Kim Kong

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