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Gorgonopsia ("Dragon face") is a suborder of therapsid synapsids. Like other therapsids, gorgonopsians were at one time called "mammal-like reptiles". Their mammalian specializations include differentiated (heterodont) tooth shape, a fully developed temporal fenestra, pillar-like rear legs, and ear bones. Gorgonopsids are a part of a group of therapsids called theriodonts, which includes mammals. They were among the largest carnivores of the late Permian. The largest known, Inostrancevia, was the size of a large bear with a 45 cm long skull, and 12-cm long saber-like teeth (clearly an adaptation to being a carnivore). It is unknown whether they had fur, scales, or naked skin.


In The Media

Gorgonopsids have appearance in a lot of media.

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