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Etta[1], voiced by Reba McEntire, is a character who appears in Template:Film. She is a Pteranodon, or "Flyer", and befriends Littlefoot and his friends during their search for Littlefoot's father, Bron.



Etta first appears after a "sand cloud" forces Littlefoot into a cave, and the mouth of the cave is blocked by sand, and later rocks. To cheer up the downtrodden Longneck, Etta tells Littlefoot to 'look for the light'; look for the positive in a negative situation. After a song number, she and Littlefoot hear sound from above the cave, coming from a skirmish between the rest of the Prehistoric Pals and a hostile Sharptooth. The dinosaurs (and pterosaurs) ride a river and use a waterfall to exit the cave opening, and make their way to the Fire Mountain; the location of Littlefoot's imperiled father, Bron.




  • She has a very large crest in comparison to most female Flyers and the real pteranodon.
  • Etta has one deceased cousin (killed by sticking her head in the mouth of a Sharptooth), and a sister who supposedly hit a tree and became crazy.
  • During the eruption of the Fire Mountain, Etta singed that she didn't want her wing to get hurt.
  • She is similar to Elsa from We're Back! A Dinosaur's Story.




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