• 4th November 2009 - A Liopleurodon skull is discovered in the cliffs of Dorset, UK. Paleontologists think there may be a full skeleton (A paleontologist's DREAM!) buried in the cliff, but it may be 100+ years before the rest of the cliff is eroded away enough for the skeleton to be extracted safely. Well, at least we won't be waiting long.


  • 4th November 2009 - A new species of dinosaur was discovered in Montana, USA. The dinosaur has broad, short horns on the back of its skull, reminiscent to the horns of a Buffalo. It is called Tatankacaphalus, meaning "buffalo head."
  • 11th November 2009- Three new species of dinosaur were discovered in Australia recently. Two of the dinosaurs are thought to be among the biggest ever discovered, and the other is a carnivore. So far they are unnamed.
  • 12th November 2009 A new speicies of dinosaur named Aardinyx Celestae was discovered in South Africa, dating to about 200 million years ago (Early Jurassic). It was a 23-foot-long herbivore with a long neck, small head and barrel chest. Could walk on two or four legs, and paleontologists beleive it could give information about how sauropods evolved.
  • 20th November 2009 It appears the swamps of Mezozoic Africa was full of amazing crocodiles. These fossils show how very diverse crocodiles were. One new speices was named "Dogcroc", a small, galloping crocodile that ate plants. Others ate fish, and even dinosaurs!


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